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About Us

We want to make a difference, not only to you,
but to this planet we call home

Everywhere we turn there are hidden chemicals and toxins, lurking and hiding, depleting our immune systems and slowly making their way into our bodies. Eventually making us sick by increasing our toxicity levels. This is the reason we started The Other Wife. Coupled with your ever growing ‘To Do List’ which never seems to reduce in tasks. We want to do the things that you just don’t have the time to, so you have the luxury to do the things that really matter to you.  


At The Other Wife, we use only natural products.  We are proud to tell you that we make the products ourselves, using natural, toxin free ingredients and essential oils. We trust in our products which we have tried and tested and retested in our own homes, before we would be willing to put our reputation on the line. It seems impossible to clean without chemicals, but it is true. Give us a chance to prove it to you. (But for starters...check out our gallery of before and after photos)


We reuse our glass spray bottles and use fabric cloths to wipe down and dust. We use a steam mop to sanitize the floors without using harsh chemicals.

If, like us, you are growing more aware of the state of the world and the state of our bodies, you will be looking for a toxic free cleaning service. Well, you found us! 


You know what your house needs which is why we work with you to create a personalised schedule during your first consultation. We work systematically through each room, making sure we have completed each task professionally and precisely. Tasks may be added or changed as regular as you like. 


If you need a helping hand, we are there for you. Need us to drop off the dry cleaning, or pick up the groceries? We can do that for you. We are a cleaning service, with a difference.

We guarantee a quality clean with finishing touches to make your house a home you can be proud of,



 This is me

This is me. I know there are lots of cleaners out there, but I believe we do a quality job, without the chemicals and plastic wastage. I want to make a difference, not only to you, but to this planet we call home. I want you to look forward to us coming and cleaning your home and leaving a lovely fresh feeling once we are done. All our staff are trained to our highest level, uniformed, reference checked and appropriately insured. We can work around your busy lifestyle and build a schedule that suits you. So give us a call to discuss your requirements and make a difference to your life and this planet.